ATTENTION:  Test your skills behind the wheel!

We are challenging participants to drive a golf cart through a lane of cones while distracting themselves with “texts” we will provide. Our group in Media Production Workshop is producing a PSA focusing on distracted driving and the recent Hands Free Law in Austin. We are seeking a maximum of 10 individuals for participation in our field study on March 3rdor March 4th . We will have each person mic’d up and on camera to document every second.

For more info or if interested, please contact Ryan McCoy , Glenda Garrett , Kacy Garvin : (469) 247-6481 / before Monday March 2nd . The call time for all participants will run from 9:30am – 12:00pm at the Balcones Country Club. We will be sure to have everyone out before 1pm classes. Food and drink will be provided. Endorsed by Talk. Text. Crash.