Casting for various roles (Adult & Child, Male & Female) for the Columbia University short film “Punk is Dead”.

Austin, TX

1-2 June 2019: Rehearsal
3-6 June 2019: Production

“Punk is Dead” tells the story about a troubled teenager who escapes the monotonous suburbs by going to a punk show in Austin, TX. We will provide travel and meals.


Pat Dwyer (Lead, 13-19) is a disillusioned teenager who feels confined by his suburban setting and family; he rides a bike downtown to visit a punk show and finds his perspective on life altered by the journey.

Teddy (Supporting, 22-35) is the lead singer of a punk band; he lives a fast life and has been having nothing but fun while touring and playing with the band, but he’s now at the point where he believes a change may be in order for him as he’s fallen too deeply into the routine of drugs, alcohol, and punk music.

Amy Dwyer (Supporting, 35-55) is a hardworking nurse and mother of two, who struggles maintaining a work-life balance but does her best to make sure her son and daughter have a good life.

Tom Dwyer (Supporting, 35-55) is a divorced father of two who visits his kids when he can but has been living an extraordinarily busy life in another city with his new fiancee, he struggles to connect to his children but hopes for only the best for them.

Cory Dwyer (Supporting, 6-13) is a peppy young girl who loves playing and having a good time with her older brother and mother.

Please contact producer Mona Maahn by email: with headshots and reels (if available).