Production Title: Road Rage
Production Type: Comedy; Short Film/Student Film
Director: Libby Tolle
Producer: Evelyn Rodriguez
Director of Photography: Sidi Wang
AD: Aske Nielsen

A teenage girl’s drive to work takes an unexpected turn when she cuts off an unbalanced, ill-tempered older woman on the highway, leading to an impassioned altercation in the parking lot of a kids’ arcade.

Auditions: Sunday Oct. 7th 3:00-6:00PM
Jesse H. Jones Communication Center- Building B (CMB) 4.118 – Lab 4B
University of Texas at Austin

Sunday Oct. 14th 1:00-5:00PM
Jesse H. Jones Communication Center- Building B (CMB) 4.116 – Lab 4A
University of Texas at Austin

Production Dates: October 26th-October 28th
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Compensation: Unpaid, Travel Compensation and accommodations (if not local), meals, digital copy of film will be provided. Film will be screened in the Texas Union Theater at UT as well as being submitted to festivals.

Auditions are by appointment. To reserve a slot, please email a headshot or picture and resume to Please specify which character you will be auditioning for. Sides will be provided beforehand.

Video auditions are also welcome, just please email us beforehand and submit your video before Oct. 14th.

Parking lot in small-town East Texas


Wendy (16-17) (or early 20’s if can pass for a teenager)
Wendy is a good-natured high school sophomore working her first job at Mr. Cheese E. McGuffy’s (a Chuck E. Cheese-esque kids’ arcade). Well-mannered and even-tempered, Wendy doesn’t like conflict but she’s also not one to boss around.

Carol Ann (60+)
Carol Ann has lived in this small East Texas town her whole life and has established herself as a pillar of the community. Married to “Pastor Bill” of the First Baptist Church, Carol Ann has a certain reputation to uphold and she expects others to regard her with a great deal of respect. She comes across to most as sickeningly sweet- but underneath this saccharine facade lies a darkness and unhinged anger that Wendy accidentally unveils.

Officer Jerry Perkins (30+)
An off-duty police officer who witnesses the altercation and intervenes. He’s a devoted father and husband who cares a lot about his community. He wants to believe the best in people, but his trusting nature can keep him from seeing people the way they truly are.