Real Rain Productions is looking to hire two Austin-based actors for roles in an upcoming short to be shot in Shreveport LA May 29th-31st. Production will leave Austin Friday morning to drive to Shreveport, returning late Sunday night. Housing and meals in Shreveport will be provided (but not travel to Austin, so you must be an Austin local or willing to get to Austin on your own). This is a small non-union shoot and actors must be willing to pitch in and help on the shoot when not on camera, this includes light PA work and just in general being part of the team. Payment is $100 per day for the three day shoot.

Adam, 28-35, former frat boy type, very clean cut and slick, the kind of guy you would never expect would have a girl tied up in his trunk, but actually he does.

Tammy, 19-29, white trash party girl who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught the eye of the wrong guy. Actress must be extremely confident sexually.