Location: ACC Northridge campus, 11928 Stonehollow Dr, Austin, TX 78758, Bldg. 4142
Auditions: Feb 15, 1-5pm
email: runboyrunfilm2020@gmail.com

A young college student sprints across his city while being pursued by a mysterious figure. All the while avoiding obstacles that hinder his progress as he attempts to reach his destination on time.

Jimmy - Male - 18-25
Jimmy is a slim, scruffy young college student who is in a frantic rush for an unknown reason.

Scary Man - Male - Any age
The scary man is Jimmy's pursuer and main antagonist. He is a tall, muscular man, who is obsessed with catching Jimmy as he flees.

Skater - Male/Female - Any age
The skater is essentially a stereotype. Baggy clothes, stoner accent, laid back personality. They serve as a sort of audience stand in, pondering over why Jimmy is in such a hurry, and making jokes at his expense.

Stranger - Male/Female - Any age
A store owner that walks outside for a smoke when they run into Jimmy and slow him down by accident. They are angry at Jimmy at first, but become sympathetic when they find out he is in a dire situation.

Librarian - Female - Any age
A quiet and indifferent woman who doesn't give much thought to the outside world. She becomes annoyed when disturbed by Jimmy.

Dowman Steele

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