I’m a film student who will be holding auditions for a psychological thriller/horror I’ve written called Sadie Sees Red. It’s about a beauty influencer who’s treatment goes very wrong. The characters I’m holding auditions for are named Sadie and Lucy.

Here’s a breakdown of the characters:
-Sadie: A beautiful twenty-something beauty blogger who’s vapid, rude, and unstable.
-Lucy: Sadie’s sister (in her twenties) who’s also very pretty, but not vapid and terrible. Lucy is much nicer, but she can be very witty/sassy.

Auditions will be held at the Austin School of Film this upcoming Monday afternoon (11/11/19) from 2:30-4pm. You must be free to shoot during the evening of this upcoming Thursday (11/14). This is a student film and won’t be a paid gig, but I’ll provide a meal and plenty of snacks! If you have any questions, please contact me via email: Lisa.Hight67@gmail.com.