Seeking Actors for Student Production “Saint Anthony”
Shooting Location: Austin TX
Filming: Nov 01-03, 2019

LOGLINE: Eva is a young working professional, who becomes susceptible to pressures of being a single unwed woman. Eager not to end up alone she follows the advice of others and performs a love ritual involving, a Saint, a Curandera, and some good old fashion Faith; all to win over a potential love interest; whom she can have her-own telenovela ending with. 

Eva (20-30s, Latina) reluctant hopeless romantic, who generally rejects the status quo but has found herself to feeling uncertain about her life choices.

Jake (20s-30s Male) Eva’s work crush.

Gloria (40-50s Latina) Eva’s devoted mother, who is rooted in traditional Latino values. She is beyond eager to become a grandmother and hopes that Eva will settle down soon and get married. 

Teresa (40-50s Latina) Eva’s maternal aunt. She loves to spend all her day with sister Gloria watching Telenovelas and talking about the latest chisme/gossip. 

Carla (20s-30s) Eva’s nemeses, who has recently got married and isn’t afraid to let everyone know.

Women/Curandera/ Witch(30s-60s), mysterious women with possible supernatural powers.

Matt (20-30s Male) Eva’s work colleague who stays in the background and has minimal lines. 

No prior acting experience required!
If interested, please send headshot/resume to

Sides from the script will be provided via email for use in a video audition.

Karina Figueroa

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