SALE Casting/Crew Call

A recently divorced mother attempts to make a living by selling products from a pyramid scheme. Though, she quickly realizes how difficult this will be, both fiscally and emotionally.

Casting for the roles of:
Mia: (Lead) Female, Late 20’s-Late 30’s
Mia is determined, pull yourself up by your bootstraps type, but can only do so much before her spirit is broken.

Lucas: (Lead) (Mia’s son) Male, 3-8 years old.
Lucas is quiet and shy, but definitely pays more attention than you’d think.

Rachel: (Supporting) Female, Late 20’s-Mid 40’s
Rachel is a friend of Mia’s and a sort of classic suburban wife. Rachel is overly sympathetic to Mia’s situation, especially considering how well Rachel seems to be doing.

Jen: (Supporting) Female, 40’s-Late 50’s
Jen is another friend of Mia’s, who seems to be a bit more genuine with her emotions than Rachel.

Montage Members: (Extras) Male & Female, 20’s+
Mia goes all around town attempting to sell to her friends and family, who are a large variety of people.

Currently looking for a PA, but if you have talent outside of that, feel free to send an email regardless. We’re always looking to expand the creative circle!

Looking for a variety of houses for a montage scene, the more suburban the better. Will probably only take an hour to film each house.

Auditions: January 18th
Shoot Dates: February 1st & 2nd

Rate of compensation will be discussed with the individual, but an IMDB credit, a copy of the film for your reel, and meals for each day that you shoot are all guaranteed.

Please email a headshot, resume and video reel (if you have it) to