Feature Film
Breathtaking Productions

Director: Allan Weiss
Writer: Allan Weiss and Sheli Weiss
Executive Producer: Allan Weiss
Producer: Xai Homechan
Location: Dallas, Texas, New Mexico
Start Date: Spring 2015

Email headshots, resumes, and audition video link to:
Please slate your name, age and agency at the beginning of your audition video. Callbacks will be in person. You may use to send a link of your audition video. Please do not post on YouTube or Vimeo. SUBMIT BY MONDAY, DEC, 22


STORY LINE: It is the true story of Harrison’s lifelong journey with Cystic Fibrosis. One that begins in Dallas and will ultimately take him to Albuquerque (as a fan of the show Breaking Bad) to retrace some of Walter White’s footsteps. With his family in tow, Harrison hopes that he can ride on the courage and strength that Walter showed during the series, specifically with how Walter dealt with his disease and his life after his diagnosis. Hopefully, Harrison can then face Cystic Fibrosis and all the fear and uncertainty that it has forced upon him, and find the courage within himself to finally overcome his own internal demons and take control of his own life. What Harrison didn’t expect is how this experience would change him forever. The journey will take Harrison through a series of experiences where he will ‘relive’ many of the defining moments that Walter lived through, some that dealt directly with his disease. As the story progresses, Harrison will be faced with the realization and harsh reality that there are consequences for his actions as his own internal battle rages on. Harrison will ultimately come face to face with his greatest fear and will have to decide which path to choose, for himself and his brother.


JENNIFER – age 14-16, Caucasian, 5’5” and under, a friend of Harrison’s who lives in Albuquerque, very kind and generous, parents are divorced, heart of gold, innocent; Jennifer shares a brief kiss with Harrison. SUPPORTING ROLE

The following roles have already been cast:

HARRISON – plays himself in this story. LEAD

RODNEY – mentor to Harrison, late 20’s, very positive and encouraging; met Harrison from time spent at hospitals. SUPPORTING ROLE


Casting for Shadows Will Fall

Here are the rates for the role of Jennifer:

$400 per day rate for filming in Texas

$400 per day rate plus $100 per diem for filming in New Mexico

Travel and hotel expenses in New Mexico will be covered for the actor and (1) parent.

Payment will be on a Net30 term.

Callbacks will be held at STAGE in Dallas in early January.


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