Shooting in Texas
6 feature films
Males, age ranges 30-45
hispanic or caucasian
2 Actors
Shooting south of Houston
I’m looking for 2 actors for several Lead and Sub-lead Roles for a few feature film projects, Roles range from Western to Gangster I’m looking for a few males who are lean and tall 6ft-+ with “very chiseled looks”, I prefer slim to athletic builds and not baby faces! hints, gary cooper, clint eastwood…I really need actors who are available for shooting over a two month span, These projects are already on-going and these are roles I just couldnt find a good fit for in auditions. This is a non-union shoot, deferred payment, credits, copy and food! As always I prefer someone who is confident and professional who understands “takes Directions Well”, You can send me any demo reels you may have and/or portfolios….Feel free to send me a private message here or an email at: