Project Type: Independent TV Pilot
Pay Status: Paid
Production Company / Studio: Fever Dreams Productions LLC
Location: Austin, San Marcos
Start Date: Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Shooting Schedule: 6 Days
Wrap Date: Sunday, August 09, 2015
Producer(s): Levi Cory & Luke Pierce
Director: Levi Cory & Luke Pierce
Writer(s): Levi Cory & Luke Pierce
Production Manager: Barton Marks
Casting Director: Vicky Boone Casting

Fever Dreams Productions is shooting a teaser for their scripted comedy pilot episode to add to a pitch to TV executives later this year.

Accepting résumés for the following crew positions:

• Director of Photography – $500-$1000/day based on experience/equipment
• Sound Mixer – $500-$1000/day based on experience/equipment
• Gaffer – $350/day
• Key Make-Up Artist – $100/day
• Key Hair – $100/day
• Script Supervisor – $100/day

Submit résumés to:

Project posted June 05, 2015