I’m looking for a sound person with some experience for an upcoming shoot. We’ll be doing typical sit-down interviews as well as following subjects around for a short period during each day. Please send me a resume or reel if you’re interested and have the appropriate gear. Below is a synopsis of the short. Thanks!

“The short doc will tell the story of a group of Houston moms who are fighting back against unfair subsidized housing policies that prioritize landlords and property owners over the health and safety of their tenants. In addition to raising children, holding down jobs, and going to school, these women are dealing with living conditions that place themselves and their families in danger. Meanwhile, the federal government continues to use public money to enrich the private landlords operating these complexes. This gives these families no choice but to remain in hazardous homes, even when their lives are at risk. Using independent research, archival footage and interviews with the moms themselves, the short film will amplify their voices and provide them a platform to express their housing concerns and needs while showcasing their efforts to build a movement for just and affordable housing in Houston.”

Email jeffreyharland@gmail.com

Compensation: $200 per day