The Locations Department on the HBO series, “The Leftovers,”  is seeking a Tarrytown or Brykerwood Bungalow for Interior filming of scenes in Austin within the next two weeks.  The shoot will be for one shoot day approximately two weeks from now, but prior to that, we will need to pay a couple of short visits for a Director’s Scout and a Tech Scout.

This location must be near some of  our other existing filming locations, so must be in Tarrytown or Brykerwood neighborhoods, or other neighborhoods very nearby those two.   Other areas of Austin are not an option at this time.

We are looking for a single-story bungalow that looks lived-in, and ideally has NOT been recently remodeled.   For which ever house we film in, we will pay a very fair location fee and provide a certificate of insurance.   Depending on the house, we may need to schedule a prep day(s)  and a wrap day(s), so that we can prepare the location for the scripted scene.

If interested, please contact me at ken@shootfirstpictures.com.   Then we can set up a time to take a few quick location scout photos to run by the project’s Production Designer and Director.

Best Regards,
Ken Lewin