Hello! 'The Coping Method' is a student-written and directed film that follows a year in the life of Arden Simmons. Arden is stressed out by her senior year; her responsibilities are piling up, and so is her anxiety. Desperate to regain her grip, Arden starts using Copazine, an enhancing drug that makes her brain work faster and her problems seem easier. As she struggles with her addiction and the impact it has on her life, everything spirals out of control.

We are seeking ALL listed acting roles and extras for high-school aged talent! This film will be NO PAY but will be a great experience, and something to put on your resume. We are looking to submit this into festivals as well 🙂 We will be shooting in the LEANDER AND CEDAR PARK AREAS. Schedules are flexible. Contact us at: TheCopingMethodFilm@Gmail.com


-ARDEN SIMMONS: 17 year old female. Arden is a girl who bites more than she can chew-she feels the need to take care of everyone else, and doesnt' like to admit when she can't take care ofherself. Arden is a no-nonsense type girl, but ultimately longs to live a life free from responsibility and worry. Copazine helps her feel like she's behind the steering wheel of her life. (**NOTE: The ability to drive is preferred! We'll ultimately make a decision based on acting ability, but this is a HUGE plus.)

-HARPER SIMMONS: 13 year old girl. Harper is jilted by life-angry, confused, and ultimately just looking for someone who understands her. She and Arden have a strained relationship, as she feels like her older sister doesn't truly care about her. She causes part of the stress in Ardens life.

-NATALIE SIMMONS: 41 year old mother of Arden and Harper. Natalie is doing her best to make ends meet. She works two jobs to keep her family afloat, so she doesn't have much time to be active in her kids' lives. What little time she does have, she dedicates to making sure they always know she's proud of them.

-ELISE TYSON: 17 year old female. Elise is Arden's outgoing and energetic best-friend. She's always pushing Arden to take a break, as she's worried that Arden's going to miss out on what really matters in life: experiences. Elise is someone quick to fall in love and cares too much what others think of her, but it's ultimately because she has a heart of gold.

-BEN WILLIAMS: 18 year old male. Ben is a charming outsider, a popular student at the school who's built a troublemaker persona at his school. On the outside, Ben looks like a tough guy without a care in the world. As you dig deeper, however, he's got a heart of gold.

-JOSH MOORE: 22 year old college student. Josh is Arden's SAT tutor, and genuinely cares about her success. However, he's a bit oblivious of her feelings towards him, and breaks her heart.

-JORDAN ROSE: 17 year old girl. Jordan is a part of the popular group at school, and she honestly likes the attention. However, she's a bit worried that her world is too superficial.

-MAREN LAWSON: 17 years old. Maren is the it girl, and fully aware of it. She likes feeling like she has power, and isn't afriad to use it. She's fiercely protective of her friends.

-SIERRA MONTGOMERY: 17 years old. Sierra is also a popular girl, but doesn't show it. She's one of the quiet girls in the group- putting off an icy, untouchable persona. Really, though, she's just afraid of letting others down.

-DR. FALLON: Mid-thirties. Dr. Fallon is a kind yet stern therapist that Arden turns to when her drug abuse spirals out of control. He/she tries to help Arden sort through the mess in her life. (OPEN TO EITHER GENDER)


Brianna Branscomb

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