– NEED Confident and skilled cinematographer looking to grow.

****PAID: $250 upon completion of pilot.

Starting shoot date : Saturday October 14th (or 21st)
End Shoot Date Range: Mid November

Synopsis – Derek (30, defined facial hair, hip hop enthusiast, ambitious yet lazy, warm-hearted) has missed out on his formative years over a drug trafficking charge he had nothing to do with. 12 years later, he’s out of prison and re-entering his hometown of Deedleburg. While his hard-working brother, lost probation officer and the rest of his suburban surroundings believe they know what’s best for Derek to readapt to society as an adult, Derek wants no part of this secure yet dull lifestyle. In stumbling upon a helping hand, (Bradley- 28, Army Vet, Troubled, also in to Hip-Hop, PTSD), an opportunity to sell weed through a vacuum salesman named Vern & an improbable friendship with a producer who happens to be his probation officer, the ambitious, yet foolish Derek will get his chance to chase The Dope Life he strives for. But will he falter in the grind & path to a life worth living?

GENRE: COMEDY ***Think EastBound & Down meets Trailer Park Boys with an appreciation for Rap/Hip-Hop.

The Pilot is shot entirely during the day and mostly outdoors so ability to work in natural light and an understanding of your camera’s ability to shoot outdoors is key. There are several vital vehicle shots so understanding of using a mount and filming in vehicles is a must.
****Almost all shot will be steady, not looking for handheld documentary type shots unless using some form of a steady cam.
Please E-mail Awestcott95@gmail.com with film reel and inquiries.
If you know anyone that trusts their skills and is looking to build their reel and/or resumé, this is a great opportunity.