Production Titles: The Love Doctor / The Ego Cabinet
Directors: Daniel Elizondo and Tony Leon, respectively
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid, digital copy of the episodes, filming credits, food/
drinks provided


The Love Doctor – Dr. Odus Love is a psychiatrist who’s had a mysterious
past and believes and convinces others that love is an actual sickness.
He goes on misadventures trying to disillusion couples with a former
patient and best friend, even though Love denies it, Lee Arbor.

The Ego Cabinet – A psychological anthology which has a similar vibe
to Black Mirror. For this episode… Alex, a “wealthy” man, wakes up one
day with a very unsettling sensation and memory loss. He has two home
care-takers, Thomas and Alice, both of whom Alex begins to suspect as the
cause for his unsettling situation when he begins to lose touch with reality.
Mark reveals at the end that Alex is actually a homeless man who he was
trying to help but Alex misinterpreted the situation.

The Love Doctor –
The Ego Cabinet –

Date/Time: Saturday, October 28th. 11AM-2PM
Location: Browning Hangar at Mueller Lake Park – Filming is actually not allowed in the Browning Hangar so we will be meeting just south of it, at an orange table, on the side facing Zach Scott St.


The physical descriptions listed are all preferable but not necessary.
— Doctor Odus Love: Dr. Love is a trickster and a cynic with a mysterious
past. He is also not a doctor. Through a ton of “personal” research, Dr.
Love has created a clinic that focuses on curing humanity of love, for the
disease that it is. His main argument is that if love is like a drug, and drug
addictions are a disease, then love is also a disease. He uses an interesting
approach to logic to convince usually simple-minded and well-meaning
individuals, such as Lee Arbor. Love will do almost anything to keep Lee
away from finding happiness in love. His personality is also incredibly immature
and cowardly, and doesn’t like to directly approach any conflict, especially
when he may realize that he’s in the wrong. He’s oddly agile, which
is suitable for slipping away from awkward situations. He wears a lab coat
like a supervillain.
Physical description: Low gravely voice, sad-looking eyes, black hair,
black eyes, always wears a lab coat, agile, lanky, a habit of slouching.
Good at making mischievous or dismissive faces.
— Lee Arbor: Lee Arbor is a meek young man, who rarely has the bravery
to make his own decisions. He usually does whatever people around
him tell him to do, so the mix of Dr. Love’s suave persuasion is particularly
dangerous. Lee will intensely experience most human emotions from the
lead of Dr. Love. Lee will eventually have the conflict of choosing between
a new love or rejecting it altogether. He finds a new potential love with
Love’s assistant, Ellie. He is indecisive and prone to changing his mind, as
well as experiencing regret, listening to his instincts, or being impulsive. He
is a friend, patient, and sometimes even an enemy to Love.
Physical description: Small, brown hair/eyes, thin, energetic, big
eyes, round features, very youthful look.
— Ellie: Ellie is Dr. Love’s personal assistant. He pays her very little, but
for some reason she is always genuinely happy, charismatic, and charming.
She is energetic but mixes it with a little frustration, as if almost everything
is a little overstimulating. She is polite, kind and really doesn’t like
conflict either, especially when her employer asks her to do something. She
is sweet and accommodating to the point that she’s a pushover. She is a
bright contrast to Love’s murky mood, and attempt to help his misguided
endeavors any way she can. However, she falls for Lee, creating a conflict
between the three.
Physical description: Curly dirty blonde hair, round features, freckles,
average height, green/hazel eyes.
— Sylvia: Sylvia Plath will play a small role (screen-wise) as Doctor
Love’s mysterious lover who had forever taken his trust away from love.
She comes into the eventually, but sends Love poems and haunts him for
most of the series. Sylvia is more of an absurd portrayal of the poet’s character
than an accurate representation.
Physical description: Look like Sylvia Plath.

Any gender works for any of the roles, and the names can be adjusted to
the performer’s preferred gender. The physical descriptions listed are all
preferable but not necessary.
— Alex: Alex is the focus of this episode, he is a wealthy man, he is confused
about his past throughout most of the episode, he struggles with
delusions and hallucinations as he battles with his subconscious thoughts.
He experiences paranoia and distrust for the other characters. Alex tries to
keep to himself and stay out of the way and doesn’t want to be taken advantage
of. He is moderately intelligent.
Physical description: A five o’clock shadow (not necessary if female),
dark baggy eyes, malnourished, In his 20s, seems kind of worn out and
— Thomas: He is the lead home caretaker, extroverted, serious demeanor,
well educated, high environmental awareness, he is kind, patient,
calm temper, can be charming. Thomas interacts with Alex the most out of
any other character. He is reliable and cares for Alex to the best of his abilities.
Physical description: Slender, tall, good posture, an older man
(35-50), clean look (shaven facial hair if applicable, neat hair, etc.), soothing
voice, physically strong as Thomas will be lifting Alex with Mark’s help.
— Alice: She is another home caretaker, is easily startled, cautious, distrustful
of others, soft-spoken, introverted, relatively quiet, has intense reactions
and is easily flustered.
Physical description: Good posture, clean look, youthful, long face.
— Mark: Wealthy man, rational, wants to help Alex, sympathetic, kind,
social, polite, professional, intelligent, patient but has limits, assertive, well
mannered, risk-taker. Mark cares very deeply for both Alice and Thomas.
Physical description: Good posture, handsome, clean look, seems
stressed, tired eyes, strong face implying assertiveness, physically strong
as Mark will need to lift Alex with the help of Thomas, dark eyes and dark
hair, well dressed, older man (also around 35-50)

Both web series are in need of camera operators, boom operators, and
production designers.
Equipment will be provided on set.
Rehearsal Dates: TBD.
Shoot Dates: The Love Doctor: November 11-12 / The Ego Cabinet: November

To submit for this call, please email with a
headshot (if auditioning), a resume (if applying for a crew position), and
availability for the dates listed.