Gary Chason’s Golden Walnut Project 2014

Showcase Screening: Thursday, December 4 at Cafe Brasil, Dunlavy at Westheimer in the Montrose District, 8 PM start, Screening at 8:30 Running time: approximately 40 minutes

The Collective is a group of actors who produce duet shorts in which they can star. Gary Chason has been commissioned to write the screenplays and produce/direct the films. Professional Agents, Casting Directors, and Filmmakers will serve as Judges for the Golden Walnut Awards. Walnuts will be awarded for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Picture, and Audience Favorite. There will be four short films in the program:

  1. PUPPET LOVE “A puppet’s gotta have it too.” Starring Sarah Wyckoff and Travis Dunn; Cinematography by Magee Miller; Art Direction (puppets) by Magee Miller; Editing by David O’Brient, Jr. A man (Dunn) is in a singles bar with his sock puppet, who has more personality than he does. A hot babe (Wyckoff) sits beside him and the farce begins.
  2. PERVERSE DISORDER “When killing becomes a fetish…” Starring Fabrizia Faustinella and Mark Docherty; Cinematography by Brett Cimo; Editing by Brett Cimo/Joey Cantu; Art Direction by Fabrizia Faustinella. A cold-hearted hit man (Docherty) seeks treatment from a psychiatrist (Faustinella) for his disorder – he is aroused by killing a person.
  3. BAGHEAD’S TABLE DANCE “A struggling single mom; a man with a troubled past.” Starring Lyndsey Case and Tommy Poynter; Cinematography by Mark Baird; Editing by Mark Baird; Art Direction (Make-up/Hair) by Lynn Stevens Head. A dancer at a strip club does a table dance for a man with a bag over his head. Surprises ensue when the bag is ripped off.
  4. THE BEHEADING “A War Zone. A Jihadist. A captive American.” Starring Julitta Pourciau and Brian Watson; Cinematography by Gary Chason; Editing by Jack Updyke; Art Direction by Ibis Fernandez. A Jihadist (Pourciau) sets out to make a video of the beheading of an American citizen (Watson) but incoming artillery fire creates a startling reversal of fortune. (Note: this film adheres strictly to the principles of classical Greek drama as described by Aristotle in his “Poetics.” It is absolutely NOT an exploitative slasher movie, but rather a serious, outraged polemic.)


Art Direction: Magee Miller (Puppet Love); Fabrizia Faustinella (Perverse Disorder); Lynn Stevens Head (Baghead’s Table Dance); Ibis Fernandez (The Beheading)

Editing: David O’Brient, Jr. (Puppet Love); Brett Cimo/Joey Cantu (Perverse Disorder); Mark Baird (Baghead’s Table Dance); Jack Updyke (The Beheading)

Cinematography: Magee Miller (Puppet Love); Brett Cimo (Perverse Disorder); Mark Baird (Baghead’s Table Dance)

Best Actor: Travis Dunn (Puppet Love); Mark Docherty (Perverse Disorder); Tommy Poynter (Baghead’s Table Dance); Brian Watson (The Beheading)

Best Actress: Sarah Wyckoff (Puppet Love); Fabrizia Faustinella (Perverse Disorder); Lyndsey Case (Baghead’s Table Dance); Julitta Pourciau (The Beheading)

Best Picture: Puppet Love; Perverse Disorder; Baghead’s Table Dance; The Beheading

Audience Favorite: Puppet Love; Perverse Disorder; Baghead’s Table Dance; The Beheading

For additional information, contact Gary Chason 512/468-8293