We’re an independent production of young filmmakers and students from Lake Travis High School. As a Texas School of Innovation, LTHS is creating a TV show in its advanced level production course. This unprecedented learning opportunity is being directed and managed by passionate students and professional educators with former industry experience.

We’re looking for actors to be involved in the filming of our Pilot episode of The Quiet Emerald. Our TV show is a supernatural dramatic thriller that features a trash 80s hairband embarking on tour. In the Pilot, they crash their VW Bus. When they wake up they find a run-down motel where they plan to convalesce and recover.

But something isn’t right.

Our hapless adventurers have wandered into a struggle of good and evil, life and death, and love and lust. As they try to leave the hotel they find out they are stuck there. And unless they can work with the timeless and immortal guests there to defeat the Big Bad, they might just be stuck there…forever.

Our production is looking to host a red carpet premiere at Hill Country Galleria Cinemark. Plus we’re striving to secure PR coverage in the Austin American Statesman, Community Impact, on KXAN, and more. Once we’re finished, we will be submitting our series to film festivals around the country. We will also be streaming the pilot on YouTube and Vimeo channels.

We operate our class as a studio, with individual studios heading up different areas of productions. Our casting directors can be reached here:
Sam Aarons:
Carolina Hernandez:

And our instructor and showrunner can be reached here:

Douglas Crabb (Teacher):

Please see our attached casting call, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with your talented friends in this unprecedented learning opportunity.