Kayo Productions is looking for a cast for a short funny film, THE WAITING ROOM.

Characters needed are:

OLD WOMAN, can play any age past 80. Energetic/sings spirituals;

RUDE GIRL, punker style, tattoos and potty mouthed (real potty mouthed);

HARRIED MAN, 40-50, insecure insurance salesman. Well dressed;

ELEGANT WOMAN, 40-50. Also well dressed, well spoken and has lost her way;

THE BOOMING VOICE – which could be God!

The characters find themselves in a WAITING ROOM, which may, or may not be purgatory/limbo.

These are not paid positions, but actors will be given copies of their work. Filming will take place on a designated week-end agreed on by the cast. Can’t see this as a long shoot – but a fun one!

Also need production assistants.

Ken Johnson