The Woman in White
Independent/Student/Studio: Student
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Short Film
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Houston
Specific Production Location: Humble

Production Start Date: 12/12/2014
Production Wrap Date: 12/20/2014
Production Schedule: 2 weeks

Producer(s): Iram Carmona, Salvador Ortuno
Writer(s): Iram Carmona
Director(s): Salvador Ortuno
Additional Attached Crew: William Pham, Jeff Mathis, Melissa Parker

Synopsis: When two college students find out they have the following Monday off, they plan to make it their true college experience. But when one of them shows to be too determined, he finds himself in a situation from which there is no return with The Woman in White.

Character Breakdowns:
Taylor and Scott are the lead characters that are in college and good friends. The Woman in White is a Spanish speaker who will be revealed as the horror of the situation. Three other short female speaking roles are needed to be the “Hot girls” that reject Taylor on a bar/party scene. And one other Spanish speaking male role is also needed for the hysterical bum.

Audition Date: 12/11/2014
Audition Start Time: 07:00 pm
Audition End Time: 10:00 pm
Audition Location: The Art Institute of Houston – Downtown
Audition Address: 4140 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77027

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

Production Company: A.I. of Houston

Email Address for Cast Submissions:

Special Notes for Potential Cast: This needs to be a fast pace project so we need dedicated individuals that want to boost their resumes.