Logline: A teenage girl deals with anorexia at the same time that her mother prepares for weight loss surgery.


Phone: 254-717-0052

Character Breakdowns:

Alison (15-20): Female, Lead Actress, introverted and snarky teenage girl, suffering from an eating disorder and keeps a close document of her eating habits. She comes from a big family and is used to blending in, just wants to be liked. Ability to sing preferred. Must be comfortable with throwing up and fainting. Any Ethnicity, Plus size preferred.

Paper Bag Girl (15-20): Female, 2nd Lead, dangerous and clever, she pretends to be your friend, but it’s not clear if she ever really wants to be. She’s mouthy, but good enough at gaslighting to get away with it. Wears a paper bag over her face, and doesn’t care much about being liked. Ability to sing preferred, Any Ethnicity.

Annie (35-50): Female, Major Supporting Role, Alison’s mom. Honestly just trying her best. Annie’s getting the light squashed out of her through a failing marriage. She feels as if she needs to be subservient towards others in order to be liked, and struggles with weight and self love issues. Any Ethnicity. Plus size preferred.

Ryan (35-50): Male, Minor Supporting Role, Alison’s stepfather. Ryan has had all the world on a silver platter but isn’t really conscious of it. He’s demanding, sloppy, and his presence fills up a room. He wants more from other people than he gives in return, and is made shallow because of this. Obsessed with his phone and the people on it. Any Ethnicity.

Jason (5-10): Male, Minor Supporting Role, Alison’s little brother. Rambunctious and clever, but all too loud and unfocused to do anything about it. Likes playing airplane around the kitchen table with his brother. Any Ethnicity.

Jack (5-10): Male, Minor Supporting Role, Absolutely obnoxious. Tough to handle, likes running circles around the room pretending to be a superhero.

What We Need: Headshots, Demoreel, Have your schedule for March in mind.

Compensation: This is a low budget student film. We will provide craft services during the shoot as well as a copy of the film to be used on your acting reel.