Production Title: Tic
Production Type: Undergraduate Thesis Film
Production Format: HD
Production Location: Austin, TX
Production Start Date: 3/5/15
Production Wrap Date: 3/10/15
Production Schedule: 4-5 days of shooting
Audition Date/Time: 2/1/15 12:00-3:00PM
Audition Location: CMB Studio 4C
Writer/Director: Jeremy Hasson
Producer: Shae Tomlinson

Synopsis: In a world of invisible disabilities, Shanra, an insecure drummer, struggles to overcome the fear of acknowledging her own “tic” in order to find a new band and a new sense of community.

Character Breakdowns:
*Shanra, Greg, Hugo, and Ty all have various forms of a “tic”. These will be discussed further after the audition process.*
SHANRA: Female [18-25] Honest and direct about how she feels, uses drumming to cope with her involuntary movements and sounds (her “tic”). Drumming experience preferred.
GREG: Male [20-28] Oldest member and leader of Shanra’s second band, parental figure to Hugo and Ty. Warm, friendly, hospitable.
WYATT: Male [18-25] Leader of Shanra’s first band, very focused on himself.
HUGO: Male [18-25] Older, more mature compliment to Ty.
TY: Male [18-25] Shy, younger band member, still figuring things out.
HELEN: Female [18-25] Sarcastic sidekick to Shanra.

Paid/Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals/Lodging/Transportation: Snacks and Beverages
Please include a headshot (or at least a recent photograph of yourself), resume and reel (if you have them) in your submission. Also please specify if you have any experience playing any instruments.
Email Address for Submissions:

Thank you!


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