Lighting Project for Austin Community College Lighting Class: We will be recreating the lighting from a scene in The Truman Show. I need two actors. One to play Truman himself and the other to play Christof.

In the scene, Christof, the creator of this fake world that Truman has been living in, is talking to Truman trying to convince him not to leave. Truman is an average 30 or so year old man with a gentle and friendly demeanor and dreams of exploring the world. Christof is an older gentleman. He is an arrogant and sophisticated artist with strong beliefs.

There isn’t too much pressure on the performance. This is for a lighting class so the focus of the project is the lighting. I just mention that because I don’t want any actors to feel disappointed if they don’t get a lot of time to shine.We will only be doing two shots so it will be a relatively simple shoot. It is unpaid, but there is no need (or time) for an audition. Simply send me a headshot or a picture so that I can see if you fit more or less.

We will be shooting on Oct. 24th from 11:50 – 2:00pm at the Northridge Campus of Austin Community College. I will be happy to provide you with the footage after we shoot and I will send you the final edited project as well.

Here’s a link to the scene we will be recreating

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