TSTV’s Foul Play ep. 2 – A Narrative Dramedy about Blackmail
Production Type: Student
Length: 22 min episode
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Production Compensation:
– Meals, snacks, and beverages
– Film Credit
– Digital version of finished film for reel use
Production Location: Austin, TX
Production Dates (for the Awooga character): Nov 2 (8 pm – 12 am), Nov 11 (full day)
(dates for the Newscaster V.O. recording, tbd)
Synopsis: A TSTV dramedy about a college student’s blackmail ring and how he manages to fight tooth and nail to get where he wants.
Character Descriptions:
Awooga Klaxon (male, 18 – 26) – A law TA at the local university, he takes bribes from students and bugs women on social media. He’s the kind of guy who buttons his shirt to the top and tells his barber “I pay for a cut, not a conversation.”
Newscaster (V.O.) (female, 18-26) Perky and nice, serious and to the point, a Wolf Blitzer and Katie Couric hybrid who has lost all hope for the future and believes the world is going to shit.
Tuesday, Oct 17, 8PM-11PM
2504A WHITIS AVE , Austin, Texas 78705 (CMA 3.116)
Video Submissions also accepted by Tuesday, Oct 17, 11:59PM
Rehearsal Details: TBD
Please send headshots/resume to: FoulPlay.TSTV@gmail.com
Also email:
FoulPlay.TSTV@gmail.com to reserve a time slot and receive Character Sides