AUDITION DATE: By appointment

This serial drama will be produced and aired via Houston Media Source on local public access during its initial run. My goal is to monetize the project as a TV Show so we can shoot a full season. However, contingency plans are in place should that goal not be realized. Each episode (3) is written for a 30 minute TV timeslot (around 20-22 pages).

The following characters each have one scene in the pilot & average 1 scene per episode, so no major commitment is needed. With that said, REHEARSAL IS A MUST. Being “off-book” for rehearsal is also required. If you live out of town, we can rehearse 1on1 via Skype/facetime. If you feel that these requirements are unreasonable, then I politely ask that you forgo your submission.

Please email your headshot, resume, reel (optional) and/or questions to with a character name in the subject line. Thank you so much and I appreciate your time!

Supporting/Guest Stars:

GLADYSS (Female, age 28-35): Guest – Quirky receptionist at chiropractor Mike Vescey’s office. Has a calm/unflappable happiness about her despite being a bit overworked and lonely. (Only appears in EP1)

SHARON (Female, mid 30’s to 40’s): Guest – MD. John’s (male lead) sugar momma. She is rebounding from a nightmare divorce. Has an estranged son and a manipulative/maniacal ex-husband. As such, she’s become a jaded alcoholic. (Only appears in EP1 but has 2 pages of dialogue w/John.)

LAURIE (Female, 22-30): Supporting – Daphne’s (female lead) co-worker, who is being groomed as Janet’s protege. Very cerebral. Despite her age, she is a crafty office politician. Extremely capable.

JANET (Female, early/mid 30’s to late 40’s): Supporting – Magazine CEO. Very cutthroat. A ferocious worker & hustler. Despises political correctness and the mainstream media. Has a strong dislike toward young millennials–deems them all as “soft” and “phony”. Lives to work. To her, men are meat & nothing more.

STEPHANIE (Female, mid to late 20’s): Supporting – Journalism major/Masters in Communications. Just moved back to Houston after obtaining her Masters degree and is looking for work. She’s head-over-heels in love with Peter (male lead – entrepreneur). Intelligent, though a bit of a day-dreamer. (Voice-over via phone call in EP1 – actual appearance in EP2)