Value of a Memory
Independent/Student/Studio: Student
Production Type: Short Film
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Dallas/Fort Worth

Production Start Date: 06/06/2015
Production Wrap Date: 06/06/2015
Production Schedule: one day

Producer(s): Joshua Simmons
Writer(s): Joshua Simmons
Director(s): Joshua Simmons

Synopsis: A visual driven adaptation (no Dialogue) of an inspiring quote. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”- Dr. Suess. For the adaptation, a father, mother, and child will be at the park enjoying the day. Having a picnic, flying a kite, taking pictures, playing together on a playground all as a happy family. The family takes one final picture together laying down on the picnic blanket, the picture is shown as the father fades away. Cut to cemetery, where mother and child dressed in black place the last picture next to the grave and walk away. Fade Out.

Character Breakdowns:
Father – Age 23 – 33. Average Build, Average Height, Attractive and Clean cut, Positive uplifting attitude, family loving personality. (Hipsterish)
Mother – Age 23 -33. Average Build, Average Height, Attractive, upbeat, fun corky attitude, loving mother. (Hipsterish)
Child ( Boy or Girl) – Age 7 – 13. A nicely dressed looking kid (Child of Hipsters), with nice smile, who can a portray sadness.

Paid / Non-Paid: Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD/Digital Copy
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Snacks and Beverages

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions:

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: This is a project for The Art Institute of Dallas, Art Direction Course Final. For Auditions please email a head shot and or a short video with some monologue ( Video is not Mandatory ) to the submission email address. Actors will need to supply their wardrobe and transportation from location to location. Any further question please feel free to ask, and thank you for your interest.