Contact: Christopher Boone, Producer, Vinyl Nation, Gilman Hall Pictures, LLC,

Vinyl Nation, a feature documentary, is looking for a PA to join our small crew (DP, sound mixer, producer and director) on Mon. Apr. 15 for a one-day shoot in Austin. $150 for a guaranteed 10-hour day. It’s a hands-on job, working closely with our DP Sherri Kauk from LA. All are welcome to apply. Women, people of color, LGBTQ+ all strongly encouraged to apply.

Vinyl Nation is a feature documentary about the resurgence of vinyl records over the past eleven years, the increasing diversity of vinyl record fans, and what this means for our country today. As the title implies, we’re traveling all over the country, capturing stories about vinyl records. We just finished our two legs of the tour in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We will be coming to Austin from our stop in Kansas City.

On Mon. Apr. 15, we will be shooting at Gold Rush Vinyl, a new record pressing plant specializing in short runs for independent labels, owned by Caren Kelleher, who we will interview. We will also be interviewing Libby Webster, a young woman who works for the Secretly Group label consortium and has a long history working in the music industry despite her age.

Please contact Christopher Boone at if you are interested. Thanks.