EXTRAS CALL for “What We Talk About”

Production Title: What We Talk About

Independent, Non-Union, Short Film

Format: Super 16mm

Production Location: Austin, TX

Director: Kelsey Hockmuller

Producer: Olivia Biehle

Director of Photography: Isaiah Rendon

Call Dates and Times: March 5-6, two overnights

March 5th: 8pm-1:30am
March 6th: 7:30pm-6am

Logline: An ex-couple meets for dinner and over the course of the night, realize that their distorted views of each other do not match the reality of their present situation.

We are looking for male and female extras, ages 18 years and older. Even if you are available for only part of our call times, please let us know!

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid

Additional Compensation: Meals and Credit

Email: hockmullerfilm@gmail.com