Casting Call for “What We Talk About”
A short film directed by Kelsey Hockmuller

Production Title: What We Talk About
Independent, Non-Union, Short Film
Format: Super 16mm
Production Location: Austin, TX

Production Dates: March 5-9, four overnight shoots ending on the morning of March 9th

Director: Kelsey Hockmuller
Producer: Olivia Biehle
Director of Photography: Isaiah Rendon

Logline: An ex-couple meets for dinner and over the course of the night, realize that their distorted views of each other do not match the reality of their present situation.

Character Breakdowns:

Her – 30s-early 40s, all ethnicities: A recent divorceé and single mom, who has dinner with her college boyfriend out of a sense of guilt, and is unprepared for his attempted confession of love. Has had life-long difficulties with connecting to people on an emotional, romantic level.

Him – 30s-early 40s, all ethnicities: A perennial bachelor, who never quite moved on from his college girlfriend after she ended the relationship, meets her for dinner with a grand plan to confess his love, but isn’t able to go through with it after an evening of awkward conversation. A romantic at heart, but feels nihilistic towards the idea of lasting relationships.

Audition Date: 1/28/2015; 5:30pm-9pm by appointment
Audition Location: CMB Building, Studio 4A, University of Texas at Austin
Audition Address: 2504 Whitis Avenue Austin, Texas 78705

Paid / Non-Paid: Paid, 4-day guarantee
Additional Compensation: Meals, Transportation if needed


Special Instructions: Please email to request a time slot for auditions. Callbacks will be held on Jan 31, from 10:30am-2:30pm. Actors called back should plan to stay for at least an hour if not the full time period. Be prepared for cold readings both days.

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