Whiplash (2014) Scene
Independent/Student/Studio: Student
Production Type: Scene
Production Format: HD

Production Location: Austin

Production Start Date: 02/20/2015
Production Wrap Date: 03/01/2015
Production Schedule: 1 Day Shoot

Writer(s): Damien Chazelle
Director(s): Zachary Purcell

Synopsis: A filmed performance of one scene from the movie Whiplash (2014). Because it is only four minutes the focus will be on on creating a strong scene and an in-depth performance and exploration by the actors. It is a powerful moment in the movie and resonates emotionally even as a stand alone piece.

Crew Positions Needed:
Director of Photography

Paid / Non-Paid: Non-Paid
Other / Additional Compensation: Film Credit
Meals / Lodging / Transportation: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

Production Company:
Film / Production Company Website: http://vimeo.com/zacharypurcell

Email Address for Cast / Crew Submissions: smith.purcell@utexas.edu

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: **All crew will receive a digital final version of the product for use in reels.