White Knight


A group of friends try and help another escape an abusive relationship and send her into the arms of a killer.

MICHELLE female 25-35. Any ethnicity. She is confident, but wrong alot.
LAURA female 25-35. Any ethnicity. She is shy and meek.
CLAIRE female 25-35. Any ethnicity. She is smart and caring.
BOBBY LEE white male 25-35. On the outside he is a nice guy, but behind closed doors he is a killer.


Meals Provided

Auditions held at Austin Community College Northridge on 11/7 at 7pm(subject to change). Video/Facetime auditions accepted.

Shoot day will be 11/17 from 8am-8pm

Student project posted on Youtube and Vimeo

Contact at mikal.boyd@g.austincc.edu

Filmed in Austin

Mikal Boyd

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