We are looking for millennial Men and Women, ages 18-22.  We are looking for REAL people for a PBS DocuSeries titled “Whiteness Project”.  We are looking specifically for Milennials and their unique perspectives on a variety of social issues.  If you would like to be considered for an interview email


and include a few photos, phone number, email, and the answers to the following questions:


  1. What is your passion?  Tell us about yourself.  Include your age.  Please don’t mention acting.  The client is looking for “real” people, so please tell us about other passions you have (advocacy, political, activism, etc.)  No agency talent please.


  1. What “type” listed below most closely fits you and why?  Is it something you call yourself or something others call you that maybe you aren’t comfortable with?


  1. What socio economic background do you come from?  Wealthy, Middle Class, Poor, etc.


Types we are looking for: Men and Women.  All ethnicities…especially mixed race people who have a unique perspective sharing two cultures.  Ages 18-22. 

Nerd – Gamer – Class President or Top 10% Student – Punk – Jock – Cowboy – Redneck – Preppy – Slacker – Hardcore – Death Metal – Cos Play – Hipster -Cheerleader – Bully – Freak – Other that we haven’t listed


We are looking for cultural diversity, conservative, liberal, christian, jew, non-religious, straight gay, all body types, all ethnicities.  Men and Women.  Ages 18-22.


Shoot Dates: You would only shoot one of these days in Dallas.

June 13 or 14



$50 gift card for 1 hour of your time


We will be picking people from photos and their answers to the questions. Possible phone interview.  No audition.  Email photos, email, phone, and the answers to our questions to


for immediate consideration.