Auditions October 26th.
Send head shots, resumes, and any materials you might find relevant, along with which character(s) you are auditioning for , to

Compensation: Copy and Credit.

A kid with a new computer, a woman following a series of paranormal activities, and a man who sees into the future. All three of these people have something in common, they are all affected by the terrifying Y2K scare.
In the wake of Y2K, this web series follows three people and the surreal circumstances they find themselves in.

EPISODE 1 synopsis-
A video jockey who suffered a deep personal loss is literally haunted by a ghost must survive the night in order to change herself for the better, find her own personal strength and move on.

Both protagonists should look like characters from a Scream movie

Video Jockey(late 20s girl) (open ethnicity)
Workaholic 1999s video jockey hides her loss of her brother in her work. Preferably a punky Shirley Manson from Garbage type needs to have big hair.

Intern: (Early 20’s): Preferably a Matthew Lillard/Devon Sawa or maybe a young Jason Biggs type. He’s a geeky friend and confidant of the video jockey’s who loves Magic the Gathering and has a not so secret crush on the video jockey.

EPISODE 2 synopsis- Eli befriends a stranger in a chat room. His new friend informs him of the ongoing Y2K scare which causes Eli’s mental stability begins deteriorating.

ELI- Late teens, your average kid in 1999, somewhat “nerdy” and enjoys games. An introvert.

BuzzBee206- Mid-30s, His face is never seen by Eli, he lives as somewhat of an anonymous ghost. deliberate, whispers slowly, confident, controls the conversation.

Melissa- Early 40’s, Eli’s loving and concerned mother. She is kindhearted but can be stern when need be.

EPISODE 3 synopsis-
In the middle of nowhere, Ellis visits their parents for Christmas and presents them with a new computer. Soon, they start seeing strange glimpses of the future. Having been dismissed as a crazy person by his peers, they turn to the internet for answers, only to add to the paranoia. Eventually, they break and take it out on the computer, changing their circumstances for good.

Ellis- Any gender,any ethnicity, 20-40. A technophile who’s obsessed with the new technology of the Millennium. They’re an ex-IT teacher who was fired for being too forward-thinking. Is close with their parents, but they want want Ellis to grow up and move on. Ellis wants their parents to get with the times.