As an independent filmmaker in the great state of Texas, there are a vast numbers of different places to find talent for your film and video projects.  Of course, you will have to figure out which sources work best for you, but these are some of my favorites.

Dan Eggleston’s AustinFilmCasting lists on Yahoo! Groups

This list is technically a Yahoo! groups listerv, but this one has existed for nearly a decade and has been pivotal in helping to grow the Texas film and video industry. We are so lucky to have such strong, long-running audition casting lists as these and we owe it to their moderator Dan Eggleston and for keeping them updated so frequently. Thanks Dan!

It’s like butter, baby. Smooth and wide-spread. When I have a cast or crew notice I need to get circulated, I definitely post it to I love this site. It’s well-organized and easy to use.

Networking Events

Always be looking. Make an effort to attend networking event and get a business card from every actor you meet. When you meet them, take a few minutes to talk to them. This will help you remember them and give you much-needed insight into their personality for the future. You want to choose actors you can easily work with, so this face time are very important. So get your network on! Gig Talent Section

Believe it or not, Craigslist actually works for finding talent. Practically everyone knows about Craigslist and while some may be wary for roommates, you’d be surprise who will respond to a well-written audition post. Plus, many auditions posted on Craigslist are reposted to other audition lists and feeds. So, posting on Craigslists could offer even more exposure for your audition notice than you had imagined. Visit Craigslist Austin Gigs Section

Did I miss something?

Think I missed something important? Tell us how you find your actors. Please post your comments below. Thanks!