Austin is an amazing place to live as a filmmaker and content creator. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Austin has awesome light. We’re closer to the equator and the shines a lot here. We have long days in the summer and winter and there’s plenty of daylight and gorgeous sunsets.
  2. The weather is good, most of the time. If you don’t mind heat, then the weather is quite hospitable most of the time. For people like me who can’t handle anything hotter than the mid 90’s the weather is actually good 7-8 months of the year. I think it’s much nicer for people than extreme cold, snow or constant rain.
  3. Our city’s permitting process is ridiculously easy and surprisingly cheap, as in free.
  4. Austin indie film & video community and community of creatives is incredibly supportive. Not only will you find friends, but you’ll also find people you can work with.
  5. Local businesses are incredibly helpful. That means if you need a shooting location, a local business is far more likely to help here than in some other cities.
  6. Austin is a big city with lots of people and lots of things happening. That means you actually have a chance at building a strong local audience. Plus, there’s always something happening to inspire your work.
  7. Austin has excellent educational and organizational resources like Austin Film Meet, Austin Film Society, Austin School of Film and 4Reelz. We also have great acting coaches and theaters offering a range of classes.
  8. Austin also has tons of film festivals in our town. This includes Austin Film Festival, SXSW Film, Fantastic Fest, Austin Asian American Film Festival, AGLIFF, Austin Music Video Festival and many others. And so many more. You’ll never be without something to watch.
  9. Austin offers a variety of shooting locations. Because Austin is located very strategically in an area where several types of Texas terrain meet. To the east we have the piney woods. To the north we have the farming plains. To the west, we have the dessert. And to the south, we have, well, the south, with beaches and marshlands. This makes Austin centrally located in the middle of a variety of shooting locations. How convenient!
  10. The food! Oh yes, the food. For starters, you have to eat, and why not enjoy every bit life has to offer. Secondly, eating in Austin can be like traveling without leaving home with so many different affordable Ethnic, fusion and custom cuisine options. It’s an awesome adventure!
  11. People love to visit Austin, so coming here to work on your project will always be a pleasure for your guests. Just remember to schedule some time for your guests to enjoy the city.