AWF-2015-Laurels-Oval-250This past weekend in June the Austin Web Fest took place in downtown Austin, featuring 75 different web series projects, some released and some unreleased episodes.

Why a web series fest, you ask? Well, to help you find great content! The Austin Web Fest has curated a lineup of outstanding pieces spanning a wide range of genres and production budgets.

In case you were wondering, I would have loved to include my own show H.Cherdon’s Austin Food Truck Adventures in this list, as it was indeed an Austin Web Fest Official Selection, however, that kind of bias just wouldn’t be right.

So, here are my favorites from the fest, in no particular:

The Amazing Gayl Pile

Superbly hilarious! I sincerely enjoyed this piece, so much that I watched it again and again. Rich, believable and totally heartfelt characters unfold a series of unexpected events that are certain to make you laugh. The director has executed a fabulous small-cast comedy with impressive attention to art direction, appropriate camera work, seamless editing and perfect pacing.

Croissant Man

I loved Croissant Man. Given that I already have a fetish for all things French, this one had me at “Bonjour”. It’s hard to imagine being able to relate to food, yet, this brilliant puppet series is just too cute to resist. Who knew adorable pastries would make you fall so in love!


If you like educational content, you’re going to love this show. It’s a brilliant lesson in classic economics disguised by and told through movies you know and love. The host will make you chuckle and the editing will entertain you, while your brain takes on new concepts with a spoon full of sugar. We can only hope this series plays for students in high schools everywhere.

Gary Saves the Graveyard

Gary takes a job at a new cemetery but it may not be what he signed up for. This afterlife comedy falls in the vein of Hot Fuzz and will keep you on your toes and have you rolling in your grave. Fun, realistic characters combine with ridiculous but riveting situations to make a delightful little series of paranormal proportions.

Humane Resources

Original, funny, and well-acted, this charming little comedy is well worth the watch. Plus, I love the idea of centering the story around a humane society organization. Gotta keep those important issues in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Jared Posts a Personal

There’s so much content in the world focused on the trials and tribulations of modern dating. Most of it is simply unoriginal and boring, but this ones stands out. Albeit a tad cheesy, this series still makes me laugh with funny situations and quick punchlines.

Les Berges (The Banks)

This series out of Canada is well worth reading the subtitles if you don’t speak French. The story is gripping and leaves you pining for the next episode. The realistic characters portray a dyer situation that will leave you completely immersed.

Matt & Dave Are So Depressed

Comedy remains incredibly popular among web series makers and this one shows you why – because it’s really funny!

The Michelle Show

A brilliant one-woman showcase, this piece not only impresses but provides a steady stream of giggle material. I love to see what people can do with limited resources. Impressive! This project actually won a couple of well-deserved awards at the festival.

Mr. Ginger

Strange but wonderful, Mr. Ginger is a comedy based on a unique concept. I know, there are a lot of comedies, but I only pick the good ones. Absurd but funny and rather well-done.

Nasty Habits

While the reality of these stand-alone shorts may make you feel slightly uncomfortable, they are rich with themes that certainly hit home. With superb acting and heartfelt, dramatic scenes, I look forward to seeing more from this director.


This film noir comedy as has made the rounds in the festival circuit and has proven itself. Unique yet packed with references, I have very much enjoyed this well-done series.

People With Issues

Locally produced in Austin, this 7-episode series drama is not only well-done but also showcases some great performances. I’m eager for more from Keymaster Films.

The Popcorn Show

Super funny. Totally not to be missed. While completely simple, these little snippets offer quality production value and humor you will want to share with your friends.


With a choose your own adventure or choose your own ending plot line, this cerebral drama features a way too under utilized concept that is perfect for web series. I won’t spoil anything, so make sure you watch it. Produced locally in Austin, it’s a must see.

Tech Boom!

Short but sweet! If you exist in today’s world, you’ll love this series which touches on the little ridiculous aspects of our tech-filled lives.

Well, there they are in all their glory. Be sure to check them out before they get uplifted to a paid network or taken off-line. Of course, there were so many good ones and it was so hard to choose. Did you attend the Austin Web Fest? Please share your favorites in the comment box below.