There’s a new film festival in town that aims to screen strange and unusual films. Of course, I had a few questions and the founders were kind enough to hook me up with some answers about this cool new Austin film festival. Here’s what they said…

HC: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about the Shot By Shot Film Festival for our readers. Let’s get right to it!

HC: So please introduce us to the Austin-based Shot By Shot Film fest… First off, when and where is the fest happening?

SBS: First off thank you for interviewing us, the time and place of our festival is October 30th at the Alamo Drafthouse Mueller. Doors open at 6:30pm with the festival kicking off proper at 7pm and running to around 9:30pm.

HC: What can viewers expect to see?

SBS: Our guests can expect to see some of the best underground short films that Austin has to offer. Our goal for this festival was to spotlight local filmmakers that have never gotten their time in the spotlight, or their films on the big screen. Just left of indie films and just some good grassroots Austin filmmaking.

HC: Why does Austin need this fest?

SBS: Austin needs this because even though Austin has around 25 film festivals already, none of them really spotlight local filmmakers like we do. Plenty of new and established festivals alike focus on having an international appeal or spotlighting a SPECIFIC area in Austin. We didn’t want to limit ourselves or lose focus on what our festival is truly about.

HC: Is there a chance for festival goers to meet the filmmakers?

SBS: There will absolutely be a chance for guests to meet with and speak to the filmmakers after the festival. One of our sponsors B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub is going to be hosting our after party. Its right across the street from the Drafthouse and they’re going to keep the kitchen open for us an extra hour. So anyone that wants to come can join us for a good time where we’re all just going to talk future projects, joke around, and just eat drink and be merry. The three of us will be buying the appetizers, and probably best of all you do not have to be 21 to come and hang out with us.

HC: I’ve read that proceeds from your festival benefit local film organizations and resources. Who are the lucky recipients this time and how did you choose?

SBS: That is correct, all proceeds made by our festivals will be donated to the Austin School of Film. We knew we wanted to give back to the film community so we honestly did go back and forth on where would be the best place to donate too. We decided on the ASF because we felt our money would go farther there than at other organizations who already have plenty of donors and sponsors already.

HC: Still accepting submissions?

SBS: We are 100% still accepting submissions, the deadline for submissions will be October the 14th at 11:59pm. And there is no cost to submitting your film(s) to shot-by-shot, we do not have any submission fee.

HC: Sure we can all read the submission guidelines on the shot by shot website for details but is there anything in particular, a theme or genre, or whatever, that you’re hoping will be submitted?

SBS: Honestly? Despite being the day before Halloween, we really aren’t sticking to any particular theme or genre. Instead we really want a good healthy mix of quality short films. So that way our guests get to sample a myriad of different films and the festival never feels like it’s bleeding into one long movie.

HC: For those interested in being a part of this awesome event, are you accepting volunteers?

SBS: Well it does take a village for something like this, especially as we hope to grow and expand in the future. So we are very much open to volunteers helping with our festival, anyone looking to find out how they can become more involved can email us directly at

HC: We all know that a film festival like this is truly a labor of love! Who are the wonderful people behind this event, what inspired it, and where can we learn more about them?

SBS: Right now it is just the three of us (Sebastian Reyes, Nick Plevich, and Jared Stults), we started this because we saw the need for an Austin film festival made for Austin filmmakers BY Austin filmmakers. The three of us met at Bowie high school about 10 years ago and we pretty quickly figured out our shared love for all things movies. But for more on us people can go to our website

HC: Any final words?

SBS: If you’re a fan of quirky and weird films, this festival is for you. If you have a film that other festivals think is too out there, WE want it. We want this to be an amazing shared experience for all Austin filmmakers and film buffs alike. And it’s for a great cause, by joining us on October 30th you will be giving directly back to the Austin film community. And helping the next generation of up and coming filmmakers.

HC: Where can readers find more info online, submit and get tickets?

SBS: You can buy tickets directly on our website under the “upcoming events” tab, or you can follow the link directly right here Also please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @shotbyshotfilmfestival to keep up with us and everything we’re doing. We hope to sell out on the 30th and see a full house, so we hope to see PLENTY of representation from Austin Film Meet!

HC: Well, thanks again for taking the time to tell us about Shot By Shot. We look forward to seeing some interesting films soon!