Media Producer Jon Belew created Lights and Shadows because it was something he needed for his own editing capabilities. The ability to add lights and shadows directly inside Final Cut Pro X truly adds a remarkable experience and opens the door for unlimited amount of creativity. So, here’s what you get…

Lights and Shadows is actually 3 effects in 1. Each has controls in the viewer for easy manipulation, as well as key-frameable parameters for animating in the inspector. What you’ll find when you install this are 3 different effects in the effects browser, Light bulbs, Accent lights and Cucoloris. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Light Bulbs
Think of this effect like you might a flashlight pointed directly at a wall. When you first apply the effect to a clip only 1 light is on by default, but you actually have 6 lights to choose from. Zoom the viewer out to about 50% and you will see the rest of them at the top. You’ll just need to turn them on in the inspector by checking the box next to the light bulb you need. There you’ll also see all the controls for all of the lights, including setting the hue!

Accent Lights
This time, back to the flashlight analogy, these lights are similar to aiming a flashlight up the wall creating an effect that looks great- especially for background images for keying effects. The controls are similar to Light Bulbs, except this time you can rotate each light. Oh, and there’s 15 total lights, 14 are Accent and 1 is an Ambient light, which is exactly like the lights in the light bulbs effect.

Production crews use a Cucoloris, or “cookie” as they call them, to cast shadows on a wall for dramatic effects, or just simply to add a bit of realism like shadows of window blinds on a wall. Adjust the blur, opacity, blend mode, and other parameters to fit with your image. This is especially useful for background images used for green screen effects.

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Jon Belew is a media producer and an Apple Certified trainer in Austin, TX. He is also the Creative Director and Founder of Step2Creative, a boutique production company that specializes in videos for social media.

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