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  1. Excelina Ordonez

    Hi! My name is Excelina Ordonez.

    I speak both Spanish and English. I currently live in Austin, Texas, but I am originally from Colombia. I went to college in Santiago, Chile where I studied radio and tv broadcasting, but I also love my career in acting. I have participated in 4 independent films and now I am finishing my new movie, where I am the lead, called The Movie Bad Actress.

    I’m looking to participate in more projects here in Austin and simultaneously start my own production company.

    Looking forward to meeting you all! 🙂

    Please visit my website:
    Instagram: excelina1

    • H.Cherdon

      Hello Excelina! What an lovely, original name! Welcome to Austin and the local film scene. We are excited to meet you! Thanks for introducing yourself online!

  2. Jose Jaime

    Hi everyone, my name is Jose. I’m an untested, unproven diamond in the rough (as it were) brimming full of ideas. I write leaning towards the independent scene. I am currently working on an idea that might be a good shot in the arm for the film industry lacking in originality. I’m a self taught screenwriter influenced by the likes of Quentin Tarantino, for his dialogue driven story telling. Martin Scorcese for the use of popular music to accentuate a scene and Paul Thomas Anderson for the use of diverse characters. I am 72 pages in of 120-130 page script. I have structured to where if some dialogue is missing or a scene is edited out, the whole story falls apart. I have a good half dozen idea left to complete and i have at least 3-4 waiting to be developed. I’m looking for a collaborator to help bring my unique visions to the screen one day. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Hope to hear from someone.

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Jose, thanks so much for posting and introducing yourself. Sounds like you have a lot going on. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what great things you make. Welcome to the group!

  3. Emily Giuffre

    Hey y’all! I’ve mostly acted in the past. Being a theatre major in college, I did everything from contemporary, children’s theatre and Shakespeare. After college I worked in both educational and professional theatre (as well as audition like crazy) but my goal was always to do film on the acting and directing side so I’ve attended a few film workshops. I write on the side as well with the intent of acting and directing that work as well. I haven’t gotten to that point of making a living with it though so I’ve probably had more jobs than birthdays at this point. I’m beyond excited to know there is a place like the Austin Film Meet to help me reach my dreams. I’ve attended one Ladies’ networking event so far and loved it! So excited to dive head first into the events now that I’ve freed up more time for myself and my dreams!

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Emily! We’re so glad you have joined us! You have a fascinating background. I love grew up doing theater and Shakespeare, actually. It’s a great foundation for filmmaking. I look forward to seeing what amazing things you do. Keep us posted & welcome to the group!

  4. Sergio Diaz

    Hi, my name is
    Sergio Diaz
    I have no experience in this field but I’m looking to volunteer
    For anybody looking for general labor free of charge !
    I just want to get my foot in the door and be a part of something great !

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Sergio! Thanks for posting an introduction. We look forward to you joining to the team and welcome to the group!

  5. Enrique Ponce

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Enrique and I am a film and video game composer based in El Paso. I am coming back to the U.S. real soon after having studied film scoring abroad and I am looking for some awesome people to work with so we can make some awesome soundtracks! I have conducted recording orchestras in Hungary and in England and I am ready to bring the talent back home to Texas!

    Please visit my website to have a listen to some of my music.


    Enrique Ponce

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Enrique, thanks for posting and thanks for sharing your music. Will you be moving back to Austin or El Paso when you return?

  6. Mayreni Falcon

    Hi guys!
    My name is May Falcón! I recently joined to this website looking to connect with creative and talented people to work with. I’m a professional photographer, video editing and a graphic artist with 12 years of experience who finally decided to jump in and make the dream of be part of the world of cinema and its magic a reality!

    I’m looking to work and contribute with my talent in film projects like, short film, student films, comedies, action, mystery and much more. I just want to develop my acting craft to a master level to achieve the goal. Also looking for local acting classes in Austin, TX!

    May Falcon

    • H.Cherdon

      Greetings May! Thanks so much for joining us. You seem like a fascinating individual with many talents. I look forward to meeting you. Maybe I’ll see you at the next mixer or perhaps the upcoming table read tomorrow. Either way, welcome!

  7. Kyle Voss

    I want to first and foremost say thank you to all the founders and the founders for keeping this group alive and growing. I think I can speak for the majority on here that after seeing an amazing awww inspiring film weather its funny, sad, scary, dramatic, and or suspenseful, in that moment you feel anything is possible ,and any dream is within grasp. I believe people who enter this industry are in it for that very reason. For me I come from a very different background that has really nothing at all to do with film at all, I’d call myself an admirer to those successful in the industry and those aspiring to be. I am an ex-professional athlete, football player to be exact. I spent my 4 years at West Texas A&M University then signing with the 49er’s as a free agent , ending up in the Canadian Football League for a brief stint, then spending the last year and a half over in Europe finishing out my career. I give partial credit to my success to binge watching Friday Night Lights at least twice a week for a year until I could quote the movie line for line. After watching that film it inspired me to go out and work hard for what I want. I believe film is where dreams come alive, and I want to inspire others how others have inspired me.

  8. Natasha White

    Hi. My name is Natasha White. I am an actress with a background in short films and theater arts and would like to expand to full features, indies and commercials. I am inspired by stories that feature women overcoming challenging situations and would love to work with storytellers who tell such stories. I look forward to the events Austin Film Meet offers and getting involved as much as I can in the community. For more about me, you can visit my website at

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Natasha, welcome to the group! I love that you are inspired by strong female leads. Whoohoo for ladies in film!

    • Kyle Voss


  9. Sean Lawless


    My name is Sean, I am an indie filmmaker who recently located to Austin from California. Im pretty much a 1 man army when it comes to my projects, but looking to network with other artist out here. I film weddings but looking to do something new, some of my work can be viewed at

    I am also self learning music mixing and composing, if you want I can send samples of my sounds. My current project which is in post production now is called, “COMPROMISE”, production pix can be viewed on Facebook, just search Compromise Project.

    Thank you again

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Sean, thanks for posting. Welcome to Austin! You picked a great city to live in as a filmmaker. We welcome you and look forward to meeting you at the next mixer.

  10. David Park

    Good day everybody,
    Hope this is part of the networking.

    Starting a small project. Looking for 2 ladies in between the ages of 45-55, good diction and personality and good presentation.

  11. bret branon

    Really good looking work Karey.

  12. Karey

    Hello People,

    My name is Karey Cannon. I am a freelance filmmaker. I live in Austin, Texas with my beautiful Wife.

    I have become a member of this website today. 3.20.15. I hope to come here and better my craft. To make relationships and connections that will take us all further!

    My biggest dream is to step further in Music Videos… Music plays a big part of who I am. Would be awesome to connect with people that have a similar dream. Heck, even if you already have some projects of other types in the works now… Well… I would love to get involved and be a part. I have experience in every kind of Film type… (Commercials/Testimonies/Documentaries/ETC… )

    To better introduce myself:

    PM me to know more.

    Eager to do work!


    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Karey, Thanks for joining! We appreciate the support! I checked out your reel & resume. Great work! If you happen to be free, we’d love to meet you at the upcoming Austin Film Meet mixer. Thanks Karey! Welcome!

    • Mayreni Falcon

      I there Karey!

      I would like to meet you. I’m an Singer, Actress(Beginner) and Photographer who is looking to connect with creative people like you. Singing and Acting are my passion! I’ve always dreamed to create a music video of a day dream and fantasy world this woman crave to stay, and she finally decides to fight for it against all the odds!

      I’m also ready to contribute in your projects as a crew member or as a talent (Voluntary) in any way I can. I’m still working in my demo reel. So when I finish it, let me know if I can share it with you.

      Looking to hear from you,
      May Falcon


  13. Carly Dunning

    I’m trying to meet new people and develop my creative interests!

    • H.Cherdon

      Hi Carly, thanks for posting. What kinds of creative things are you interested in doing?

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