Lovers of Hate

Writer, Director: Bryan Poyser

Producer: Megan Gilbride

Executive Producers: Athina Rachel Tsangari Jay Duplass Mark Duplass Marcy Garriott

Starring: Chris Doubek, Heather Kafka, Alex Karpovsky, Zach Green

A savage comedy about deceit and sibling rivalry, LOVERS OF HATE centers on Rudy and Paul, two estranged brothers who have nothing in common but their love for Rudys soon-to-be ex-wife Diana. When opportunistic Paul whisks Diana away to a romantic mountain retreat, he has no idea that Rudy has made it there first, and from the shadows of the posh chalet, Rudy tries desperately to sabotage the relationship.

While only some of this film was shot in Austin, Texas the writer/director was an Austin resident and much of the cast and crew is from Austin.