Short Film

Writer, Director, Producer: Chad Rea
Starring Talent: Laurie Coker, Darwin Miller, Laura Ray

Two seasoned serial killers do their best to overcome marital problems and celebrate their wedding anniversary with a doomed hitchhiker.

Shot with a 4-person crew in 6 hours over the course of 2 days on location at the University of Texas at Austin.
Shot on location at UT.

Chad Rea makes movies in Texas because he says it’s “fiercely independent, perfect weather, diverse locations, and supportive community.”

Additional Credits:
Bonnie – Laurie Coker
Cliffy – Darwin Miller
Victim – Laura Ray

Camera – Cameron Cutshall, Chad Rea, Nich Baker
Lighting – Cameron Cutshall, Nich Baker, Katie Mannix
Sound – Cameron Cutshall, Nich Baker, Katie Mannix
Production Design – Chad Rea, Cameron Cutshall, Nich Baker
Editing – Nich Baker
Casting – Chad Rea
Hair & Make-Up – Amy Carpenter
Instruction – Michael Roberson, University of Texas at Austin

Special Thanks to Collier Talent, Acclaim Talent, GogoBeware, Jason’s Deli, and University of Texas at Austin.