Past Volunteers & Contributors

Volunteers and Contributors

Judith Ruder, Matthew Paris, Jeremy Moran, Lorelei Supapo, Alyne Harding, Grizzly Moose, Timothy Brummett (Writer’s Critique Group Coordinator), Leina Cochrane (Web Promotions), Don R. (Wordsmiths Manager), David Pencil (Hospitality Director), Bryan Lane, Jay Bratcher, Robert Murphy, Val Gameiro of Ideal Scene Productions, Rodney Barry, Dale Kennemer of Austin All Arts, Jeffrey Buras, Dan’l Terry, Marc Tucker, Alan Freeling, Bragitta, Bryan Lane, Dusty Oakley, Hannah Morgan, Kate Cleary, Kathy Swift, Leina Cochrane, Leng Wong, Mario Martinez, Marjorie Eber of GreenSet, Monica Smith of Juju Foto Factory, Phil Curry, Richard Hererra, Laurent Dupepe, Joe Handley, Amy Tekell and Ryan Mozek of Placid Sound, Bryan Lane and Kate Cleary of Austin City Limitless Productions, Rita Sharon, Stephanie Harrison of AfterParty Productions, Rachel Stivers

Presenters, Panelists & Special Guests

H.Cherdon Bedford (Humblebee Media), Brian Morgan (Missing Shoe Films), Jeffrey Buras (Cinematographer), Philip Hardage (Assistant Director), Zeb Eckles, Marjorie Eber (GreenSet), Eva Radke, Lauren Selman, Ken Rector (IATSE), Leah Weinberger, Laurent Dupepe, Clint Watson, Joel Valle, Robert Arjet

Venues Provided by:

The BLUE Theater & Jenny Gravenstein, Austin’s Pizza on South Lamar, Waterloo Ice House on Burnet, Joe’s Crab Shack on Riverside in Austin, Stompin’ Grounds, Artz Rib House, Dave and Buster’s, Austin’s Pizza on Guadalupe, Sherlock’s Pub, The Iron Cactus, Green Mesquite, Mister Tramps, Maggie Mae’s, Spiderhouse

Even our members have opened their homes to us. Thank you!
Beky Hayes, Kathy Swift, Louis Weyrich

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