The following is the original story prompt for the AFM Group Feature Project:

“Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner. Conscience makes egotists of us all.”
~Oscar Wilde

A small structure is engulfed in flames as 6 different characters stare into the fire. What is this thing on fire? Why is it burning? And who started the fire in the first place? Who are these people watching this destruction and how are they connected? The narrator begins to explain a little bit about the people and we are flashed back to each of the characters lives to see how their story unfolds.

What is on fire?  The burning structure is a public art piece that has create a blaze among the community. Someone has anonymously made the art and placed it in the center of town where everyone in the city will likely see it. The art piece represents our human sins. Each person who looks at it see a different sin. Some are offended. Some find it beautiful. The art pieces brings out and intensify the characteristic sin of each person that really looks at it. The audience must never see the art piece until the very end, when it is set on fire.

Each character’s story begins before the art piece has been installed and explores reactions and emotions surrounding the art piece. How do they feel about the art? How does it affect their lives? What does each character see in the piece. How does it make them see themselves differently? After several days, the community is bursting with emotion and differing opinions over this so-called art piece? Finally, a meeting has been called and people are invited to come to the art piece and share their opinions. What happens there is up to the wrapper team. Each character’s story ends at the burning structure.

Since each character battles a particular sin, their story should echo those challenges. The experiences of each character must exemplify their struggle. Breakout scenes should introduce us to the character and tell us character back story and personality, the characters’ major objectives and major downfalls.

Possible Themes: What is art? What makes something art? Community and who decides what’s appropriate for a community? Censorship? It is good or bad? Can art bring a community together? Can art be used as a tool to change the way people feel inside.