AFM Wordsmiths:  Group Project Writing Assignments Explained
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Announcements at 7pm

As part of a new and improved Austin Film Meet, we will be producing a feature presentation in 2011.  We will write, shoot and edit a feature movie that we will also have a screening and some form of distribution or self-distribution.  Yes, we know. This is an ambitious project and no doubt, a challenge.  But we believe that Austin’s indie film community has what it takes. This project has been organized such that it will be broken into smaller teams, so there is a place for everyone.  If you have the drive and want to be part of a very special film project, don’t miss this event, as we will be explaining the details of the project and how it will work.

Some positions in the Group Project will be open only to Austin Film Meet IndieAustin Members while others are open to anyone who wants to help.  Sign up for Austin Film Meet Membership now!