AFM Wordsmiths: Group Feature Writing Assignments
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Announcements at 7pm


Tonight we will announce the writing assignments for the AFM Group Feature Project.  If you are interested in working on a writing team for this project, you should definitely try to come tonight. If you can’t make it tonight, but still want to participate, please complete the online form on the AFM Group Feature page and we will reserve a seat for you on a writing team.

Except for the Unit Director and Unit Production Manager positions on the Breakout Teams, you may participate as both a writer and crew person on a Breakout Production Team. So, as long as you are not a Unit Director or Unit Production Manager, you may work on a breakout production crew AND be on a writing team.

Please! Join us tonight. Even if you don’t want to work on a the feature project, this will be a fun evening!