Pocket Full of Posies is a feature comedy script that was created as a result of the 2011 AFM Group Feature Writing project, a program which ran from February through September. A group of about 20 volunteer writers of varied experience and skill levels were divided into several teams. Each team was assigned an age range, gender and one of the seven deadly sins as a characteristic for the character they would develop. The story premise was that we’d open with the group of seven characters watching a large sculpture burn in a park. Then we’d flashback seven days and tell each character’s story, ultimately showing how the characters are related and how the fire happened. All the writers would meet as a group monthly or bi-weekly with frequent team collaboration between group meetings. Finally, when each team had created a character and written a draft of scenes, a final team took the scenes and merged them into a complete script. After what seems like million drafts, we finally finished something we felt was ready to show. So we held a public reading with actors.

What’s the Story About?

When small-town community Eden Hills installs a new sculpture garden, the residents begin to experience something strange. After seeing the art, their lives are pushed to the edge. Mayor Heywood runs for governor but may lose his career or his wife to her uncontrollable sexual urges. Meanwhile, Jade delivers a tempting proposal, while Moe struggles with his wife’s death. Can the resist the temptation the new art brings? Or will they become a pocket full of posies?

The Characters

Pocket Full of Posies features a cast of unique and interesting characters. From the conflicted church coordinator to the lady who lives in her past to the hippie corner store owner, each of the seven main characters has been developed as a unique individual.
See detailed Character Descriptions.

The Writers

Pocket Full of Posies was created by a group of about 20 volunteer writers of varied experience and skill levels. The writers were divided into several groups and given an age range, gender, and sin. See the list of Writing Credits.

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