Opportunity For Indie Filmmakers

Emily Hagins, one of Austin’s most well known  independent filmmakers is working on her latest feature film, My Sucky Teen Romance, that will raise the profile of Austin’s independent film industry and give other independent filmmakers an opportunity.

In My Sucky Teen Romance, the characters watch a B horror flick called Killer Roadkill. Emily is offering an opportunity for other filmmakers in Austin to have their work showcased in her film by creating a competition for filmmakers to produce a 3 to 8 minute film called Killer Roadkill that will be used in the movie.

Entries are due by July 27th via upload on YouTube. The winner gets two tickets to the premiere and more importantly to have their film featured in My Sucky Teen Romance.

Emily is working on a distribution deal right now that, if it goes through, could make My Sucky Teen Romance her most successful feature yet. Regardless of any distribution deal, she plans a DVD release and wants to put runner up films on the DVD so there is more than one opportunity here.

For more information and more details on the rules check out Emily’s blog.


Emily directed her first feature at the age of 12 and was featured in the successful documentary ‘Zombiegirl The Movie’. Emily is now 17 and My Sucky Teen Romance will be her third feature.