For the Short Film Challenge, Production Teams will be small and responsibilities of each team member may range outside the standard boundaries of their assigned position, as is often the case with indie filmmakers.

The descriptions provided below are not necessarily meant as a complete list of responsibilities for each position, but rather a few highlights.

In the Short Film Challenge, positions may be divided into more positions or combined, as is best for each production.

Producer / AD

responsible for

  • being the team lead in regards to communication and representation
  • managing resources
  • managing contact and arrangements for locations
  • coordinating backup in case of emergency
  • scheduling team
  • helping to maintain schedule throughout the film making process including on set during production
  • providing and managing all project paperwork


responsible for

  • helping team maintain a unified vision for the film
  • directing the energy of the team
  • maintaining enthusiasm for the project among cast and crew throughout all phases of the project
  • guiding team members towards cohesive constructive collaboration
  • promoting a safe creative environment both mentally, emotionally and physically

Cinematography / Director of Photography (DP)

responsible for

  • securing, managing, operating all camera equipment
  • working closely with Producer / AD and Director to create realistic timelines and shooting schedules
  • working closely with Director to develop a detailed shot list
  • assisting Director as needed with storyboarding and shot selection in an effort to craft quality shot coverage of each scene
  • visiting and reviewing all locations prior to shooting to evaluate them for possible shooting issues or potential complications
  • working closely with DP & Gaffer to assemble a lighting package

Gaffer / Grip / Assistant Camera

responsible for

  • securing, managing, operating all lighting gear
  • manage, care for, set up and pack up of all lighting/grip gear
  • setting up lights and lighting equipment
  • assisting DP with camera as needed

Sound Designer

responsible for

  • all things sound, recording, monitoring levels
  • reviewing and testing locations for sound issues
  • securing, managing all sound related equipment
  • producing files for editor or working with DIT to deliver sound files

Production Designer

responsible for

  • the way everything in front of the camera looks, including set design, costumes, make-up, props, special effects
  • designing the overall look of everything in front of the camera in coordination with the direction and in support of the vision for the project
  • locating, securing, managing and returning any props, costumes, or special items for use in the film

Editor / Digital Image Tech (DIT)

responsible for

  • securing and managing video footage as soon as possible upon being recorded
  • editing the footage captured during production into a cohesive film
  • working closely with director and producer
  • not expected to be on set except for the purpose of securing recorded video files, however more than welcome to participate in production

If teams need additional help, positions may be added at the discretion of the producer. Teams may get additional help from individuals outside our group, but please try first to find someone who can help within the group. Also, please do not pay anyone for their services.

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Other Positions

If you are only interested in a single aspect of the projects, such as composing music or visual effects or etc., please submit your information to and put FILM CHALLENGE SUBMISSION in the subject line.