Challenge yourself to be a better filmmaker!

This fall, a collective of filmmakers of varying levels and skills will focus on producing several narrative short films. Our goal is not only to make good films but also to help each other improve skills and knowledge in a safe, hands-on learning opportunity. We’ll provide useful info, insight and inspiration on each phase of the process, from screenwriting and story development, pre-production, production and post-production. Anyone with an interest in indie filmmaking will benefit.

We meet in-person at a private East Austin residence
every Tuesday at 6:30pm
to learn & discuss relevant indie filmmaking topics, as well as review progress, complications and next steps for our projects.

We currently have openings for cinematographers, gaffers, grips, art department, editors, sound, assistant directors, camera assistants, producers, actors & more!

Everyone is welcome at any of all of our Tuesday night meetings, but if you wish to work on or help with any project, you will need to submit your info below.

This rare opportunity is your chance to improve your filmmaking game, try new things, pass down your wisdom and make real film friends!

In December, we’ll celebrate together with an awesome potluck party and screening of all the films we made.

Get Started!


 Sign up for the AFM Short Film Challenge email list.  This list is different than our main list and provides updates and details specific to the Short Film Challenge projects that you could miss otherwise. This is  intended for anyone actively participating in the challenge in any way.

Please read our FAQ.


 Review the schedule.

 Choose your challenge. You may submit for as many as you wish.

Write a Screenplay…

We need good screenplays to produce. Please see our submission details.

Produce or Direct…

 Screenplays are available for new and experienced creators to bring to life.

Join a Crew…

 Expand your skills. Positions are available in all departments.

Be On Screen Talent…

If you wish to be considered for an on-camera role, please submit.

Offer a Resource…

Submit an in-kind resource: props, costumes, set pieces, vehicles, etc.

Offer a Location…

Submit an in-kind location: shooting locations and venues.

Provide Equipment…

Loan us your film gear or equipment.

Short Film Challenge Events

We meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm
through November except Halloween.
Ocassionally, also other days.
Please see calendar for a list of all dates.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 – Lighting Gear Show & Tell

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 – Lighting Gear Show & Tell

Let’s shine some light on one of the key aspects of filmmaking: Lights! Got lights? Please come share them with us, show us how they work and what type of light they provide. Help our local film and video community become more comfortable with lighting gear used in...