Short Film Challenge Production Team Signup

Spring 2024 Session

In the fall of 2023, a collective of filmmakers of varying levels and skills came together to produce two narrative short films using available talent and willing crew and minimal resources. It worked, so we’re doing it again! Our goal is not only to make good films but also to help each other improve skills and knowledge in a safe, hands-on learning opportunity. We gain useful info, insight and inspiration on each phase of the process, from screenwriting and story development, pre-production, production and post-production. We learn teams are ultimately at the mercy of their own tenacity, attention and ability to persevere without anyone losing an eye. We did more than survive – we thrived!

Will you rise to the challenge with us? 

Film Production Crew Positions

These are the Short Film Challenge crew departments and positions.

Cinematography, Camera & Lighting Department

Wanna DP? Wanna learn about equipment and get some hands on experience with film lighting? We need Cinematographers, Camera Assistants, Gaffers & Grips for this departmant.

Sound Design

Our sound department consists of Sound Designers, Sound Recorders, Boom Operators and Sound Editors. We also need Musicians & Composers for original music.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos, Videos & Promotions

Like taking pictures? The importance of having lots of set photos and videos cannot be underestimated. A good promotions plan is key to building an audience. We need Photographers, Videographers & Promoters for this department.

Assistant Director

Help your team stay on schedule, stay organized and complete shooting days with suffient coverage. This position is key to success!

Production Design, Makeup, Costume & Art Department

DP much? Wanna learn about equipment & get some hands on experience with film lighting? We need Production Designers, Costumers, Makeup Artists & general Art Department Production Assistants.

Editing & Post-Production

The Post-Production department includes Editors, Assistant Editors, Colorists, and sometimes Visual Effects Artists. Opportunties are available.

Here’s a breakdown of the primary film positions and what they do:
Film Positions Explained

If you would to be considered for an acting role, please submit your acting info.

Or you can apply to Produce or Direct a project.

You can also submit a screenplay.